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 The Angel of Light and Happiness Kimiko Sakura

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Kimiko Sakura


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PostSubject: The Angel of Light and Happiness Kimiko Sakura   Wed Feb 05, 2014 7:58 pm

Name:Kimiko Sakura
Image: - She often changes her appearance to angel or neko appearances. A way to distinguish her would be that she usually has her favorite hairstyle or twintails but not always..... -
Class:Holy Angel
Sexual Orientation:Straight
The time before the war began...

In the angel realm , Kumiko Sakura the strongest female angel was taking a walk in the serene forest. She loved nature and especially loved the walks through the peaceful forest. These walks for calming and what you could say a small piece of happiness for her. She would often find small animals such as birds and kittens and watch or pet them. Kumiko is a master of supportive magic and has numerous spells to cure and to aid, although she doesn't use her offensive spells as they are too powerful. As she was walking through the forest one day she saw a Laguz cat boy laying on the ground quite injured. Knowing that he couldn't have been in the angel realm she found his location and teleported him to the forest. She then carries him to her home in the flower field where she treated his injuries and made sure that he got better. After spending time with him they fell in love ( blah blah blah love blah blah blah) and eventually had a child named Kimiko Sakura. Although she was pure angel she had the distinctive neko ears and tail of the cat laguz, but with her magic that is even stronger than Kumiko's she is able to hide them. The only thing she was able to remember was the flower field, because soon after it began.

After only a few months the once serene beautiful sky was painted the color of blood-shed and instantly knew what this meant-a war had started something she had known might happen eventually. Kumiko Sakura being able to use dangerous and powerful magic used a spell that required almost all of her energy and magical power-something a "normal" race member would not be able to survive. She then cat a special type of transportation spell enabling Kimiko to be transported to a safe place on earth, where she will be in a capsule until the war was over. The special thing about this capsule is that what is inside it does not age much, so she can stay alive for centuries and not be a old woman. Having no way to know the transportation will work or if Kimiko will face some difficulties along the way, she sent her just in time, believing that this was her only chance of survival. Before sending her off, Kumiko hugged Kimiko whispering softly"  May you grow up to bring light and happiness to the world." she then closed the magical capsule, sent it away and prepared to fight along with the neko boy.

Kimiko inside the capsule heard and saw visions of the war and the fighting that went on afterward while asleep, the things she heard and saw keeping a faint darkness inside her....

After the war and the fighting stopped and peace was once more the capsule the landed opened and a girl was sleeping inside. Her appearance changed from pink hair and blue eyes to something else something not quite explained. Hours later she wakes up and the capsule disappears. She stands up and opens her eyes taking her first good look at the world she was in. Having next to no memory of what happened ,she decides to start a journey to see if she can help anyone or anything and searches the lost memories of her past.....

Whether something happened to her during her transportation to earth remains unknown, but may be revealed.....

Personality: Kimiko Sakura is a optimistic person. She is shy,kind and willing to help anyone. She will always try her best to help everyone with their problems and help them solve them. She loves Nature and often wonders about it. When she feels angry or sad she would try to hide it, and say she was ok as she does not want to worry others or cause anyone trouble. She is also very quiet when she is around people she doesn't know and is often caught spacing out, but near her friends she is very open.Most of the time she is shy and soft spoken and gets embarrassed very easily. She is also very clumsy as she trips and bumps into things often and often has misfortune combos every now and then. Although when she has problems she would usually keep them to herself so no one would worry.She dislikes violence but will step in during a fight to help innocent people in need as well as her friends if they are fighting on the right side. One day she found a little kitten in trouble and healed her. she named her Mimi and the kitten follows her everywhere since that day. She somewhat holds a deep sadness and loneliness.....
Family:Mother Deceased, Father Unknown

Traveling Theme:

(This anime was sad but also cute, loved it Kanon 2002, ^^ please read the subs, thank you \(^v^)/)
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Axium Ziakri

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PostSubject: Re: The Angel of Light and Happiness Kimiko Sakura   Thu Feb 06, 2014 12:45 pm

Approved!! Smile

~Cause we lost it all. Nothing lasts forever. I'm sorry I can't be perfect. Now it's just too late, and we can't go back. I'm sorry I can't be perfect.~
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The Angel of Light and Happiness Kimiko Sakura
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