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 My equipment

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Fletcher Ren


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PostSubject: My equipment    Sat Jan 18, 2014 8:16 am

Name of Weapon: Kage & Yami

Thy look exactly the same an are strapped to my lower back (sasuke style) with a hilt facing each direction, Yami faces left and Kage faces right.
Effect(s): 2 blades forged from a ebony like metal only found in hell. They are linked to my signature so they appear light to me, but the crushing force from a single slash is like a buss dropping on a watermelon. These blades can con only be damaged or blunted by 3 other weapons in existance, all of which are in my posesion.

Drawback(s): no drawbacks

Type: offencive

Class of Weapon : A. They are no where near my most powerful they are just my most used.

Name of Weapon: Akuma Sureiyā & Tenshi No Sureiyā

Image/Description: Akuma sureiyā is the white blade where as Tenshi No sureiyā is the black blade.

Effect(s): just as the name suggests these blades are the "demon slayer" and "angel killer" built by the same smith, requested by different enemy's these blades were made as twins, intended to slay the welder of its counter part.
Both blades have incredible destructive power over and above their individual ability's. Angel slayer has the ability to inflict death upon angels with a single wound, to non angel species inflicting a wound will cause poisoning that with slowly destroy the eternal organs of the victim finishing the the heart. Demon slayer has the ability to inflict death upon demons with a single wound, to non angel species inflicting a wound will cause an excoriating burning sensation that slowly cripple the opponent due to the pain.
They take 2 turns to summon, they are stored in a void and can only be summoned when no other weapons are drawn. It will be explained in detail when it's summoned.

Drawback(s): can only be summoned for 10 turns with a 20 post cool-down between summons. After the swords have been returned to the void after being summoned I am paralyzed for 1 full turn.

Type: offensive

Class of Weapon: B. this blade is usually only used when in danger and to end unwanted battles quickly.

Name of Weapon: Kami No Sureiyā: Leviathan

Image/Description: the form is dependent on my mood at the time, when angry/ enraged When I call on the blade in a calm state (very uncommon)

Effect (s): this weapon is considered one of the most powerful weapons in existence, with the natural power to slaughter a god. This blade has enough destructive force to destroy a high-rise building with a half hearted hit with the flat side of the blade. This weapon is known by many but seen by few. It is infamous for its ability to destroy any weapon it contacts if the welder wills it.
This sword is summoned the same what as the demon/angel slayer blades.
Drawback(s): can only be summoned whilst in great emotional termoil, usually rage, anger, sadness, EXTREME bloodlust for someone hated or in the case of revenge.
After the use in a thread the user cannot join a new thread for 3 days. Only lasts 20 turns, paralysis lasts 10 posts. Takes 2 turns to summon.
Type: offensive
Class of Weapon: B
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Axium Ziakri

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PostSubject: Re: My equipment    Sat Jan 18, 2014 1:49 pm

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My equipment
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