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 A traveler's magical aresenal

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PostSubject: A traveler's magical aresenal   Mon Feb 17, 2014 5:40 pm

Venser's Spells

Name of Spell(s): Enchanted Crystal Arrow
Type: Enchantment
Effect(s): Enchants an arrow Venser uses with crystallize magic, able to freeze his target in place, while slowing everybody around him
Passive or Active or Continuous: Active
Verbal or Non-Verbal: Non-Verbal
Weakness/Cost Does almost no damage to anybody

Name of Spell(s): Ace in The Hole
Type: Magical, Holy, Enchantment
Effect(s): Venser summons forth an arrow made of silver with quicksilver inside, creating it out of his own 'aura'. After taking his aim for some time, he shoots the arrow at very fast speed. The arrow will crack open inside the target's body, releasing the quicksilver inside which is, commonly known, poisonous.
Passive or Active or Continuous: Active
Verbal or Non-Verbal: Non-Verbal
Weakness/Cost Takes some time to aim, the arrow is made of his own life force

Name of Spell(s): Astral Rain
Type: Enchantment
Effect(s): He can also enchant an arrow inside his quiver to summon forth an hail of arrows made of pure energy. However, that skill does not provide precision and sometimes hurts himself if he gets hit by one of these arrows.
Passive or Active or Continuous: Active
Verbal or Non-Verbal: Non-Verbal
Weakness/Cost Has to be aimed very high, no precision given

Frieda's Spells

Name of Spell(s): Switcheroo
Type: Mental
Effect(s): Because of their long companionship with each other, they're able to switch bodies, leaving Venser inside the snake's body and Frieda as Venser. This does not change the gender of the body. However, the body of Venser will change every time they change. The skin will turn into scales with the same coloring as Frieda has and his eyes will change color from blue to green. Frieda has learned how to mimic Venser's voice and attitude as well as his skills with the bow and his sword. And Venser in the same manner learned how to act as Frieda as well as controlling her magic while inside her body.
Passive or Active or Continuous: Active, after that continuous as long as both want it to last
Verbal or Non-Verbal: Non-Verbal
Weakness/Cost Both have to be alive and conscious

Name of Spell(s): Snake Animation
Type: Snake Magic
Effect(s): Whenever Frieda's tail cuts any surface, she can turn the cut into a snake by her imagination. If that happens, her eyes will glow red. These familiar snakes are all grey with the same striping as Frieda. These snakes are usually used to snare and attack the opponent.
Passive or Active or Continuous: Active
Verbal or Non-Verbal: Non-Verbal
Weakness/Cost It can only be used while she's used as a whip. In SnS (Sword & Shield), this technique can't be used.

Name of Spell(s): Snake Net
Type: Snake Magic
Effect(s): After cutting the surroundings several times, a symbol will appear below Venser signalizing that the spell is in effect. Every time his enemy steps on a surface, the same symbol will appear below him and after a second a grey pillar appears out of it. These pillars will remain for a while and are in fact made of the familiar snakes, which can also be summoned with the 'Snake Animation'.
Passive or Active or Continuous: Active, then continuous
Verbal or Non-Verbal: Non-Verbal
Weakness/Cost Can't be used while in SnS, the preparation takes some time, changing to SnS will end the spell

Wabisuke's abilities

Name of Spell(s): Burden of the Mighty
Type: Gravity
Effect(s): Everything Venser cuts with Wabisuke after he released it will double the weight of it. This effect is cumulative, it stacks with every new strike on the same object. It does, however, not affect living beings, except if they have wings, then the wings can be hit with the full effect of Wabisuke.
Passive or Active or Continuous: Continuous
Verbal or Non-Verbal: Non-Verbal
Weakness/Cost The sword has to be released before able to use this ability, the increased weight fades with sheathing Wabisuke since it will return to it's sealed state
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PostSubject: Re: A traveler's magical aresenal   Thu Mar 13, 2014 3:57 pm


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A traveler's magical aresenal
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