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 The Takeovers

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PostSubject: The Takeovers   Sat Mar 22, 2014 9:41 pm

First and foremost, please do not be offended if your character dies in the process of these fights to the death. You do not have to join the siege topics I make, though your land will be claimed, otherwise (after a reasonable amount of time). As of the time of this post, these nations are currently under Demon Control:

- Humans
- Vampires
- Angels

Now, I know posting something like this may make me seem arrogant, though I have something much more important to mention. While we are currently taking over other nations, members must recognize how much the story will change should everything go according to the demons' plan. For example, as leaders die (Elincia especially), unable to be reborn, new leaders must take the throne. With this being said, I propose the second storyline to Gallia:

Much time has passed since the peaceful restorations of Elincia, replenishing the sins and vices of this fantastic world: Gallia. However, nobody would have suspected that one race wished to take it all over: the Demons. Sure, they were hateful and sinister, though only a select few wished to change the planet. Simply put, they were successful. Even though many were considered supernatural, nobody would expect the devouring of Gallia's legend, Elincia: the savior, and resurrection. Even Satan had perished during this time. Now, you may be asking who could've started all of this, and there is only one answer: Echo. Having started by killing his one of his own kind, Echo first declared war after killing the ultimate devil, Aldearith Isanagi. From this point onwards, the skies turned, and only remained, pitch black.

After declaring war against all nations, Echo also considered the creation of a Demon Alliance. Thankfully, he was accompanied by two; just enough to support him in battle. Shikyo, the power-hungry demon that feasts on others' hearts, and only gets stronger, along with Ren, the supposed-descendant of Aldearith: Both were also responsible for new world order, set by Echo. The three proceeded to annihilating all nations, killing the innocent and claiming land with ease. Along the way, however, they met others: the Caesiums, to be specific. With both threatening and persuasive messages, the three demons managed to have the Caesiums accompany them, and join them in their goal to rebuild Gallia. With this, controversy now rises about what seemed to be a neutral nation. The demons, altogether, managed to reveal the darkness in some, and render others to their last moments. Tears and blood shed everywhere, and what was once known as a peaceful world...was lost. In the end, fate had hit Gallia in an area it least expected.

Gratefully, with a year now passed, royalty was granted to those who still managed to live. Shikyo and Ren, for example, were given the titles of "King" and "Prince" of Gallia- Echo self-centered enough to entitle himself "Lord." The world of Gallia had now become a kingdom, and still lives on in the same image. Only time will tell what comes out of this new era. Though one could presume this world now full of warfare, Echo's last goal, surprisingly enough, is to rebuild the world in his perspective of peace and harmony. With this being said, what will you do? Freedom is now questioned, so how will you proclaim what you stand for in this fantastic world? Will you avenge the ones who suffered from the magic of Echo, or accompany him in royalty? Perhaps you will also consider making a neutral character, whose goals are independent, and irrelevant to the ones above. No matter your actions, your role in this world will still be taken into account.

Leave your comments below, along with questions, suggestions, etc. I wish to see your imagination as well after these dramatic changes!
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Kimiko Sakura

Kimiko Sakura

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PostSubject: Re: The Takeovers   Sat Mar 22, 2014 9:54 pm

^^ Well then...Kimiko Sakura will step up to the challenge- to try an create peace,happiness,warmth and light...she will not lie down while the sky remains dark, hearts broken, and hopes shattered, with this new plan of tyranny. She will neither avenge or accompany but will try to return things to how it was, each race living their lives their own way without being controlled by a "higher being". And so with that,Kimiko Sakura's true personality and powers will soon be awakened with the help of others, and her chosen path of fate shall begin. As her story has just begun so has the war against the wishes of one that believes he can take over and put things they way he chooses, and the beginning of a group-an alliance as it may be called: Name to be imputed later~
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Fletcher Ren

Fletcher Ren

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PostSubject: Re: The Takeovers   Sun Mar 23, 2014 3:52 am

i like it lets just finish taking over and we can get going with this. if you deem fit once the described actions are completed you can post it in the official site history and we can start a new chapter


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Posts : 119
Join date : 2014-02-24

PostSubject: Re: The Takeovers   Sun Mar 23, 2014 3:58 am

Please also take note of this: I will not be on this site anymore after this storyline is set (or if Echo dies earlier than I expected). Also, having learned a few things from Shikyo, I will be known as "The Supreme Overlord", signifying the fact that I am still a demon, and hold the most power over any other character on this site. However, with my absence, I will have Shikyo, the second-highest in power, enabled to control my character as a NPC (aside from battle, of course). With this, the safety of my character should still be ensured. However, if you are to find a way to come across my character, alone, please have someone control him, or rather, don't attack him at all. I know I will be called if you choose to ignore this case, and I will be mad if the case truly exists. I will inform Shikyo of possible meetings with my character (as an NPC) and make the compromise of health insurance for all characters involved with him.

Additionally, Gallia becoming a kingdom doesn't necessarily mean I will control your freedom. This site encourages free-roaming, which I cannot fight against, meaning none of you will be enslaved, nor have to interact with my character against your will. However, now that I leave Shikyo in power, he can still make laws that at least restrict reasonable aspects of your life, meaning you may not be as free as you once were in a peaceful world, though you still may travel, otherwise.

FYI: Those who have been promised power will surely gain it. As you may know, I give offers to those who forfeit their land, and great ones, at that. In fact, none of my offers have been declined, thus far, so please feel free to PM me if you do not wish to have your land harmed. Note that we will still be taking your land, otherwise. Anyways, please continue to enjoy yourselves. I'm sure your imagination will surely make this storyline more interesting.
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PostSubject: Re: The Takeovers   

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The Takeovers
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