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 Okami Mizuki : A Story

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Okami Mizuki


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PostSubject: Okami Mizuki : A Story   Sat Mar 29, 2014 12:47 am

Name: Mizuki Okami-hime ( Last Name,First Name)
Race: Laguz
Sexual Orientation:Unknown
A life filled with abandonment and betrayal, her only hope to find the other wolf girl she has once heard of...

There was once a time of peace and happiness in her life, her early childhood. When she was very young she lived in the Meadows outside of Gallia, with her parents. She has fond memories of running through the meadows, picking flowers, and laying on the grass in the warm gaze of the afternoon sun,in the middle between her parents, while watching fluffy white clouds pass by.Most of all the moments she spent awake waiting for the beautiful tri-colored sunset, and the serene morning rise of the sun. These days were filled with so much happiness and joy, the thought of them ending never crossed her mind, until....

One unusual day she woke up in the middle of the night-she has a horrible feeling that something was going to happen. Trying to convince herself that it was just a nightmare, she tries to go back to sleep-only do discover that she cannot rest while that feeling is still there, she can't shake it off. Her natural wolf senses aren't very strong-yet she is alert , and she walks cautiously into the hallway of her small house,quietly. She decides to visit her parents room to see if they are ok, and if they sensing anything strange. She walks into the room to discover her mother on the floor, obviously in distress and pain, and a figure she could not make out standing over her, not doing anything to help. Tears forming in her eyes, she tries to rush over to her mother despite the figure glaring at her. As soon as she got close,she landed in the hallway wall and fell on floor- she was slapped. She then gets up a few minutes later and starts to walk toward her again, only for the same action to be repeated. It was until after 23 times of the cycle that she stopped and stared weakly at the figure now illuminated by a small light source-fire. She saw the faint outline and features of a guy-who looked similar to her father- but mean and vicious. She now heard a voice not from outside but from within her head, the warm voice of her mother," Okami-chan, you must leave now. He is going to set the house on you will". She wanted to stay and try to help but she decided it would be best to follow what her mother said. At the door she looked back worried and sad and where her mother lay and whispered "b-bye...mother" before running out of the house. She made it outside just in time when less than a minute later the house was completely engulfed in blazing red orange flames. The smoke rose high into the sky, and clouded the clear star filled sky. Completely out of energy and overcome with emotion, she falls to her knees on the cold ground. Her hair now covering her fave tears streamed down as she begins to sob,teardrops landing in the ground . Her cries ring out into the cold soundless night, where she was all alone-and she thought that way from that point on- with no one around to comfort her or to hear her cry through the night....

As the first glimpse of dawn shone over the horizon, Okami dried her tears and with a sad tear-streaked face, slowly made her way toward the Mountains. She then started a new chapter of her life living alone and learning how to survive day by day. She mostly ate fruits, berries, and other forage-able foods from the forest that was nearby.

Years pass and she is now old enough to explore the inside of Gallia. She being able to understand animals from since she was young had heard rumors or stories of a wolf girl.Hearing that there was another of her race-another wolf girl- gave her a reason togo to Gallia. Hoping to meet her she set out towards Gallia, to find her hope, a girl by the name of Elincia. Little did she know that much has changed....

A cold dark night in the first beginnings of winter, when the first snowflakes had not yet begun to fall from the skies, marked an unimaginable tragedy that had occurred, making it a night she will never forget. She will always remember how she felt. Her feeling of sadness and hurt, hoe lonely and scared she was....

To Be Continued

Personality: A young timid girl who you could describe as incredibly shy. She shys away from people usually standing away and rarely speaks-she believes it draws attention to herself. She blushes easily and says most things after thinking about it. From her past experiences she has a unnatural fear of guys, and will be scared of any that comes close to her or sees her. Along with her being shy she gets scared very easily. She will jump and the slightest crack and will cry if something really scary happens- in her perspective. She can be very nice, and is caring behind her shyness. She will help out behind the scenes or when someone is not there, being easily flustered. Sometimes she may help out , just to stop a fight or to care for someone who is injured. Her wolf and wolf-human,form can change along with the seasons- although she is stuck in her fall form and has been due to her emotional state. She can also change into human form-but she prefers to keep her senses...Did i mention she is also a secret princess...although no one may ever know-even her...
Family:She hopes to find the one other wolf girl...
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Axium Ziakri

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PostSubject: Re: Okami Mizuki : A Story   Mon Mar 31, 2014 1:37 am


~Cause we lost it all. Nothing lasts forever. I'm sorry I can't be perfect. Now it's just too late, and we can't go back. I'm sorry I can't be perfect.~
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Okami Mizuki : A Story
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