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 A new beginning

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PostSubject: A new beginning   Sat Mar 29, 2014 9:03 pm

After making the contract with Echo I had been given an exact replica of my old body and everything was there except my weapons, I was then teleported to the graveyard where previously I was slain. I lay there on the ground unconscious, when a few hours later a random stranger found me laying on the ground he checked my vitals and they were normal, he then attempted to wake me but I was still out cold. He then picked me up and loaded me into a wagon, he then started off towards the pub. Upon arriving he had someone else help him carried me in, "Who is this?" the bartender asked before he could see my face, the man that found me explained that he found me near the graveyard unconscious, The bartender then examines me until he saw the face of his returning customer, "He can stay here until he wakes up". They then carry me up to a room he had up for rent and put me in the bed. 2 days passed until I finally awoke I found an I.V. hooked up to my arm sustaining a blood supply so I don't die. "" I then got up feeling groggy and dizzy, looking outside I see the trees and the road. "I'm in the pub...alright this is starting to make more sense...." I get on my feet and head out almost falling down the stairs, the bartender notices me and walks over and sits me down in a booth with some water, he then explains what happened giving me a bag of clean clothing to change into. "I won't charge you for your stay since your a regular customer and you needed help." he said not hiding the fact that he didn't care about anything but the business I give him (buying canteens of blood and root beer). I chuckle "Thank you for taking care of me..." I then get up still feeling a bit dizzy go upstairs to get changed.

After giving him a check for the room I walk out and head towards the graveyard remembering everything up to where I had died, after that everything is a blur... I walk to the graveyard

Once I arrive at the graveyard I look near the clearing of trees to find my motorcycle covered in a tarp with my sniper rifle still sitting there but then I realized my Katana, Crossbow, and revolvers were missing. "Well crap... I'll have to look for them later" I say while wrapping the Mosin Negant sniper rifle with the tarp. I then dust off the gauges and checks that everything is in place and order, "How did I end up in the graveyard....I wonder" I say quietly to myself. after getting everything in order I sit for a minute and drink from my canteen, "...Another question is, how long was I unconscious..." I then get up after wondering for a time and ride towards the southern town.

(Echo can you make a topic to fill in Quindaro?)
[End Topic]
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PostSubject: Re: A new beginning   Sat Mar 29, 2014 10:55 pm

(Note: I have all your weapons, btw. A great place to get them back would be to enter my topic in the vampire graveyard.)


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A new beginning
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