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 Kyrie Valenka

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Kyrie Valenka


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PostSubject: Kyrie Valenka   Sat Mar 29, 2014 10:21 pm

Kyriel "Kyrie" Valenka

Race: Angel
Class: Fallen Angel
Age: As an angel, she's really been around since shortly after the creation of the universe; however, as a fallen angel of high status, she was stripped of her memory and cast to earth as an infant after dying as a result of parting with her wings, and now, she's seventeen years old.
Gender: Female.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.

History: Kyriel was the angel of confusion, unrest, and unbalance. A lunar angel, she stood amid the stars to guide those who had lost their way. So many looked up to her; she was the guiding hand, and the guiding hand was so often believed to be incapable of wrong. She was like a mother in a nascent world. Powerful, beautiful, fierce--there were few who didn't crave her position.

But, just like that, unbalance tipped even the one that sought to eradicate it.

Kyriel was always weak-willed. That was her fatal flaw. As an angel, she kept herself far removed from the humans, governing them from high above in the stars. Where other angels walked the earth and spoke with its inhabitants, Kyriel feared the temptations that abounded there, and as a result, she stayed behind when others explored. Still, her own curiosity overcame her, and it wasn't long before Kyriel descended to sate her wonder.

She shouldn't have gone. Once there, she was utterly lost in a world as colorful and fast-moving as she found her domain to be. She hid her wings and got wrapped up in the confusion she'd once guided mortals and immortals alike through, and in the end, she enjoyed every bit of it. She got wrapped up in the bustle of everyday life, and though she told herself she'd leave when she lost the last of her now myriad connections, she found her entanglements only deepening as time ticked on. As she'd left her post, though, the world grew more lost, more confused. Evil proliferated in every darkened corner. Kyriel, though, had lost herself, and her joy at experiencing life itself blinded her to what she'd done.

And then, as though her own confusion wasn't already blinding enough, Kyriel fell in love. Every angel walked among humans; every angel left his post for some time, especially those as successful as Kyriel. But it was a sin punishable by expulsion from the Heavens to fall in love with a man. To the end, Kyriel was adamant that she could never help it. In the guise of a girl of nineteen, she fell in love with a traveling doctor. The affair was hardly an affair--right out in the open, Kyriel loved him as any human might. She was so wrapped up in living her "life" she'd nearly forgotten what it was to be a governing angel. Her vacation had turned into a stay entirely too long for her fellow angels to tolerate, and when they came after her on finding her post empty, they found her in her lover's arms, cradling one baby and sitting the other on her lap. She hardly responded to her own name anymore.

The angels didn't bother dragging her out in the shadows; they dragged her away from her young family in broad daylight, just as she'd committed her sin. Kyriel's divinity was executed at the word of a unanimous jury under a defenseless, guilty plea. As her divinity seeped from the wound they'd stabbed in her chest, her wings blackened, and her eyes turned from white to a pale blue. She passed out, and when she came to, she was an an angel felled in the streets. The wound became infected, and she grew too ill to defend herself against the vagabonds in the street that chained her and showed her off in the circus. Her wings became too weak to fly, and she almost lost her eyesight and her ability to walk as the infection claimed her with fever.

When she at last escaped, she was on the verge of death. Now trapped in the dark underbelly town she'd ended up in, she trudged the streets alongside whores and beggars. She lived on scraps. All the time, her belly grew with the last memory of the husband she'd left behind nearly half a year ago.

At long last, in the darkest of times, as her infant cried for food, Kyriel gave up her wings to a passing surgeon in exchange for money enough for two month's worth of food for them both. Little did she know that this was the beginning of an altogether irreversible spiral...

Months later, Kyriel withered away at the hands of a wasting sickness brought on from the amputation of her wings. What became of the baby, no one knows. She was born again to a mother wishing on a star for a child, and from there, she led a pampered if not boring life.

Then, the flashbacks began to plague the young Kyrie's dreams...

Personality: Above all else, Kyrie is cunning. She's a brilliant liar and a master of schemes, plans, and all things related. One could say she has a talent for misleading. She's a bit sadistic, but that's not to say she's sociopathic--she'll have her Schadenfreude, but even still, she's extremely loyal to those she trusts. The caveat there is that there are very few she actually does trust. Kyrie is naturally suspicious of others, if only because of her own backstabbing nature. Having attended an all-girls academy all her life, she knows what can happen when gossip gets out.

Kyrie is quite vain, too, as she knows she has looks to kill. She doesn't like to have a hair out of place, and she tends to wear dresses instead of pants, though that's not to say she has no sense of adventure. She doesn't really mind flashing people. She doesn't have a whole lot of shame, in general.

She's a bit of a gambler, and she believes in odds religiously.

All of this, though, is the adolescent mask of rebellion. Beneath her lying, cheating, betting self, there are the beginnings of the woman she once was. Kyrie is something of a mother to the world. In her lies, she's like Robin Hood; she can't stand to take from those she sees as lost. In the case of her charity cases, she's willing to give everything out of pity, and because of this, those she pities can easily take advantage of her. She's always handing out advice and favors, and there isn't much she wouldn't do if asked. The only reason she's still alive is that so few people ask. She wants to do everything, see everything, and fix all the world's problems--an urge trapped inside her for many, many years, now.

Though she is a liar and a cheat, she's undyingly selfless, too.

Appearance: Kyrie is small, at about 5'1, and she's slender, though a bit flat-chested. She has small hands and feet and long limbs. Overall, she's very, very pale, with white-blonde hair and washed-out blue eyes. Kyrie doesn't have much muscle, but she's very flexible and agile.

Family: Lyrica Valenka (Mother), Rican Valenka (Father)

Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse/Mate: None. Yet.
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Fletcher Ren


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PostSubject: Re: Kyrie Valenka   Sun Mar 30, 2014 12:32 am

So long!


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Kyrie Valenka


Posts : 11
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Age : 20
Location : Denver, CO

PostSubject: Re: Kyrie Valenka   Sun Mar 30, 2014 12:33 am

Ahhh, sorry to make you read all that. I should put a tl;dr up at the top.
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PostSubject: Re: Kyrie Valenka   

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Kyrie Valenka
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