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 Kyrie Valenka - The Inhumanity of Things

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Kyrie Valenka

Kyrie Valenka

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Age : 20
Location : Denver, CO

PostSubject: Kyrie Valenka - The Inhumanity of Things   Sat Mar 29, 2014 11:17 pm

(Oy, these are tentative because I have no clue what I'm doing. Feel free to correct me if I'm being a moron. I don't intend to be this ignorant.)

Name of Spell(s): Luccia
Type: Dark (Destruction)
Effect(s): On coming into contact with the user's hands, mass will disintegrate and be absorbed. Anything, be it light or energy or matter, can be dissolved and absorbed. It's unknown how much one user can absorb.
Passive or Active or Continuous: Active, for the most part. Kyrie can't turn it off, though, if it flips itself on after she hasn't consumed anything for awhile, but that's just because she's inexperienced.
Verbal or Non-Verbal: Non-Verbal.
Weakness/Cost: The user has to consume matter, periodically, or else it'll start to consume the user's own body. Additionally, only so much can be taken in within the scope of a post—in any given use, the user can only absorb half of his/her own mass, which is a lot of light and energy but very little actual matter.

Name of Spell: Eire
Type: Light (Creation)
Effect(s): Using the matter absorbed using Luccia, one may "summon" other objects. To do so, a seal must be inscribed on a pre-existing object, and to summon a copy of that object made from absorbed matter, that seal must be inscribed somewhere else. This only works for inanimate objects, as anything living will be grossly deformed, as all changes to the state of the object with the seal (the original) will manifest themselves in the copy. As living creatures are always moving, bones and blood and guts have a way of spewing themselves everywhere--provided the creature is still alive at the time of summoning.
Passive or Active or Continuous: Active.
Verbal or Non-Verbal: Non-verbal; however, it requires written activation.
Weakness/Cost: It requires a mass equal to the mass of the object being summoned to be contained within the body. Should there not be enough absorbed mass within the user's body, the mass of the user's body will be used instead. Additionally, since that mass was not originally in the form it was summoned into, it's subject to the "Law of Ephemeral Matter," which dictates that energy on the part of the user is required to maintain the object's current shape. Once the user stops feeding energy into the object, it converts its own matter into energy and quickly and sometimes explosively disintegrates.
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Fletcher Ren

Fletcher Ren

Posts : 521
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PostSubject: Re: Kyrie Valenka - The Inhumanity of Things   Sun Mar 30, 2014 12:37 am

Approved. I like your spells. They will e a counter to challange. Op but well balanced


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Kyrie Valenka - The Inhumanity of Things
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