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 The Races Description and Help (MUST READ)

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Axium Ziakri

Posts : 344
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Age : 23

PostSubject: The Races Description and Help (MUST READ)   Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:24 am

Hello, My name is Elincia, I am the current owner of this site. The co-owner is War Ikaru along with Keita and Lavi, they can help as well.. I'll be discussing the races or clans over with you to help you chose wisely the one you would like.

There are five clans or races on this rp site. You must chose one of them to use towards your character. Each one has different characteristics and strengths which will be described below by the clan leaders. The different clans or races are:

~Laguz (Can transform only into an animal)
~Hybrids ( Can be a mix of any two things)

As the clan or race leaders are chosen, they will post information about their clan below.

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Axium Ziakri

Posts : 344
Join date : 2014-01-15
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: The Races Description and Help (MUST READ)   Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:32 am

Elincia here again, I'll describe the laguz race.
Chrissy here, the owner of the site and leader of the Laguz clan <3 I'm here to tell you allll about it ^^.

Anyhow, the Laguz are very much like hybrids, except they can only transform/change into one type of animal. And yes, it must be an animal. They tend to be very strong and courageous creatures. They are known to be loyal and loving towards friends and the ones they truly care for. When it comes to enemies, they can be relentless, holding huge grudges. Depending on the laguz you chose your strength varies. I myself am a combination of Wolf with a hint of cat . You yourself must chose one to shift into:

The Dragon: A Dragon is the strongest of all the Laguz types, and are have the tendency to be males. They breathe fire (of course) Which causes very critical damage to anyone who comes near, even other Laguz tribes. The human form tends to be greatly built with muscle. They usually have short hair styled in a spiky manor. The eyes are usually a dark red, or black.

The Lion: Lions are the second strongest in the Laguz tribes. Their roar can be heard from miles away, and turn one into stone. They have razor sharp claws and canines for battle. They tend to be highly courageous, not afraid of anything.. Well besides the Dragons. The human form is much like the dragon, except the tail and ears tend to stick out and they have much longer hair. The eys are usually a dark brown or light yellow.

Cats: Cats are very kind and noble creatures. They tend to get along with anyone and anything and make friends very easily. They have small front claws, which can do a lot of damage if you come to close, cutting deep into flesh. The cats canines are much like a lions, except there's tend to have poison, weakening the enemy wherever bit. If bitten it is usually certain that without herbs or the right care, one will die a slow painful death. The human form is usually very fragile and can be injured easily. Also, like the lions, their tales and ears stick out, but the hair can be short, or long. The eyes are normally a yellow or orange color.

Wolves: Wolves are also one of the strongest of the clans. They are beautiful creatures in human form, also in their wolf. They have gorgeous fur, and very rare beautiful eye colors. Wolves tend to be very kind to friends, but aggressive at first. They are also over protective and will do anything for someone they love.

Tigers: The tigers are pretty much the lions and wolves combined strength wise. Except when it comes to their human form they are weak, much like the cats. The human appearance may very depending on the personality.

Hawk: Quick and fierce in battle. Weak against other laguz, but strong among other classes. They tend to be highly protective of their kind, and of the ones they love.

Raven: About the same as the hawk, except their side to them is more cruel. They have a hateful nature , and love to cause trouble.

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PostSubject: Re: The Races Description and Help (MUST READ)   Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:12 pm

Yellow. Brie/Vixen here with the vampires. No we don't fricken sparkle. No we don't ash in the sunlight. We're just like humans except with a craving for blood and long lives. And we eat actual food. We actually age just ten times slower than most. Some vampires have lived to be 1,200 and are still living. They look hella old though. Onto our weaknesses and strengths.
Strengths: We don't die easily. We're fast, cunning, and strong as hell. We could break a bone just like we would take a bite of food.
Weaknesses: The sun actually weakens us, hence the come out at night thing. If we go to long without blood we tend to go a bit crazy and then eventually die of starvation. Silver is actually poison against us, contrary to popular belief of it just being werewolves. Get us chained up nice and tight with silver cuffs and you've got us down for the count, especially if we aren't fed.

Types of Vampires.
There are a couple different types. Your normal bloodsuckers, then you've got emotional vampires who feed off emotions running on high, the hunters, and toddlers.
Regular Vampires: Your average vampire. Drinks blood, gets weak in the sunlight, lives to about 1,000 years if not longer.

Emotional Vampires: These are tricky. You can't spot them because they look so normal and they feed off your emotions. If you're extremely happy, they'll suck that away. If you're aroused, they'll take it away.

Toddlers: Changing a child is dangerous. They can throw one helluva tantrum and destroy towns. They need to feed more often as they're growing faster, at least as a human they are. Toddlers if kept in captivity can be trained and raised properly.

Hunters: We actually have vampire vampire hunters. They hunt the rogues that go against everything. The toddlers that get out of hands. The bad vampires that you should watch out for. They're gentle souls but they are cruel at the same time. Don't ever underestimate one.
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Fletcher Ren


Posts : 521
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Location : New Zealand

PostSubject: Re: The Races Description and Help (MUST READ)   Fri Jan 17, 2014 11:02 pm

Hey, I'm Keita and I'm the leader of the Demons, I'm here to give you a quick explanation on the Demon race and what Classes you can choose here.

Demons are a species derived from hell with the soul purpose to eradicate all holy beings. Since the birth of the first Hybrid the demons have become more passive and have learnt to live with the other species though with great resentment, they now live as the other races do, but the demons are known for there extreme hate for all, they have even been known for having feuds amongst there own.

Pure Blood: These people were born as demons, with pure demonic blood running through their veins they are considered the most powerful type of demon. they have the strongest fire affinity of all the classes and the only class with total control of the black flame, so hot that it cant even be put out by water.

Nobles: these demons are high up in society and are known for there academic skills, they are brilliant strategists and are known for the countless battles that have been due to their leadership. These demons often have jobs in society such as a lawyer or doctor, they are known to be very social, and the only class with total control of the white flame,which is so cold that it burns.

Wanderers: these demons are known for traveling, they are never situated for long, it is often they take jobs as hunters and farmers due to them being considered "loners" in society, due to there independent life they are generally physically superior then other demons, and the only class with total control of the green flame, The flame of nature has potent healing property's.

Half bloods: these are demons that were born pure bloods but did not embrace their demonic soul. they are usually hated among demons but due to having a still pure soul despite there heritage they have the ability to partially control the blue flame, usually only possible by demons of royal blood.

Contract demons: these demons exist due to a wish they may have made before death that a demon has granted as a contract, this causes a person to be resurrected as a demon under a master to forfil contracts with people and collect souls. These people are the weakest demons and they have no natural demonic ability, although they retain the ability's from their past life.
when choosing this class as your original character chose an alternative class (due to this ability they are weaker then normal) from another race and state in history that you died and were re-birthed. you can become this class after the death of your character if you (A) are not a demon (B) state a wish during the thread that contains your death.
Contract demons have the natural ability to transform into a demonic creature due to their weakness.
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Haku Takashi


Posts : 64
Join date : 2014-01-17

PostSubject: Re: The Races Description and Help (MUST READ)   Sat Jan 18, 2014 6:20 pm

Hello, War Ikaru here, and I'm here to discuss the Hybrids. Hybrids are a very 'different' kind of race compared to the rest. Though completely obvious, we gain are strength and weaknesses from the 2 races we consist of. With that said, are strength can differ greatly depending on are genetic makeup. Along with are physicality, are social aspects differ just as much depending on are races.

The Hybrid Classes are as followed:

1)Human Half-breeds- This class is a very straight forward and is made specifically for the Human/Whatevs cross-breed. This class is usually more accepted and social compared to the rest of the Hybrid population. They are actually the weakest class of the Hybrid selection, due to them being half human.

2)The Familiar -These Hybrids are usually the ones to not reveal themselves, and are usually are considered socially inadequate. These people tend to flock together to each other due to understanding each others feelings and emotions.

3)The Hope- This class is for the Hybrid whose sees everyday as a new hope. They wish to make new light of their kind and wish for it to prosper. These people usually have a better social standing in the world due to their optimism in their outcome.

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PostSubject: Re: The Races Description and Help (MUST READ)   Sun Jan 19, 2014 4:49 pm

Greetings to you all. My Name is Dracel and I am the leader of the Caesiums. We sport the highest level of strength and speed of all the races due to our use of blood magic to enhance our physical capabilities to beyond superhuman levels. We use extremely advance technology and serve as mercenaries for the other races, hence due to our pay we are the richest race. Our blood magic allows us to steal other race's base magic and abilities for a set period of time, but due to our technology, we have found methods that allow us to keep a share of the power we steal from those who lose.

The Caesiums classes are the following:

1. The Assailant: The assailants are warriors that can virtually locate anyone due to their extreme senses. They prefer to use light armor that allows them to move freely during battles. As such they can see, hear and smell their prey regardless of any cloaking spell or device used against them. They use medium range weapons and can set traps anywhere they want with virtually anything. They specialize in medium-range combat due to their complex explosives and traps. They are often quite skilled at strategy.

2. The Saber: The close range specialist of the pack. A saber is usually the main form of offense inside the pack and have the brains to back up their skills. They usually prefer to use swords as their main weapons and usually these carry incredible amounts of power inside of them. They use somewhat heavy armor to protect them from the assaults of other races. A Saber can deliver field-changing results during fights and are the strongest class in terms of strength. Nothing but the strongest defense can withstand a Saber's strike, and even then they can destroy anything with a few swings of their swords. They are very observant and analytic during battle.

3. The Marksman: Very few people have survived a marksman's deadly arsenal. While they don't use guns, marksmen usually are experts in the art of shooting down their enemies with arrows or spells. Of the Caesiums, they are often the most reliant on magic and machinery. They know how to combine metal with spells to deliver tremendous results. A master marksman doesn't even use arrows or other hand-held means of offense, instead, they can create their own projectiles with their hands and shoot out whole weapons such as lances and swords as fast as bullets from a gun. They use medium armor and prefer to carry around some sort of weapon that covers a long range.

4.  The Alpha: The leader of the pack and the most elite warriors of the Caesiums. An Alpha is a jack-of-all trades that can function as any one of the other classes. An Alpha directly reports to the whole leader of the Caesiums, the Progenitor himself. As a leader, an Alpha must be able to defeat all other classes and maintain order within the pack. This class is much more of a rank and less of a class since an Alpha still has to hail from one of the other classes before leading a pack. (Note, one cannot be a default Alpha. Instead you must prove yourself before the  leader in single combat. )

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PostSubject: Re: The Races Description and Help (MUST READ)   Fri Jan 24, 2014 4:17 pm

I'm up next for the angels i guess

there are at least 3 different kinda of angels

The first class of angels are just the normal angels that live in heaven and follow what god tells them without question and never think of committing a sin. They have all sorts of holy powers ranging from offensive to defensive and everything in between.

Fallen Angels
This class are of those that committed a crime in the eyes of god and heaven. They were cast out of heaven and force to roam the would trying to find meaning in their life. One can easily tell an angel has fallen by the color of their wings, they turn black whereas they are normally white for a regular angel. There are many ways to become fallen, one being as simple as committing a sin or falling in love with a mortal. Fallen Angels are just as strong as normal angels but also can have more then just holy powers.

The final class for the angels are the ascended, they are mortals who are deemed worthy of joining heaven before they die. It doesn't matter what race you are before ascending. Those that are ascended are weaker then angels that are born in heaven. When you ascend you do keep some of your powers that you had before you did making the ascended one of the more useful beings in heaven, although they have less holy affinity the normal angels.
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Axium Ziakri

Posts : 344
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Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: The Races Description and Help (MUST READ)   Fri Apr 04, 2014 3:59 pm

Now.. since there is no leader for them at the moment i will do a description of the mages.

Mages tend to use magic to attack. They primarily use Wind, fire, thunder, or light. But it big cases they may also use water or shadow for better attack rates. Mages' stats have few consistencies, but they will almost always have a very high resistance in place of defense. This and their magical attack make it prudent to use them to block enemy magic users, and avoid direct combat with physical units. After promotion (a second class if it is met) Mages may use staves for healing and other utility abilities. If made a high enough rank quick enough they will usually be able to kill most units with a fire or thunder tome.

~Cause we lost it all. Nothing lasts forever. I'm sorry I can't be perfect. Now it's just too late, and we can't go back. I'm sorry I can't be perfect.~
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PostSubject: Re: The Races Description and Help (MUST READ)   

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The Races Description and Help (MUST READ)
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