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 Super Sonico

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Super Sonico


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PostSubject: Super Sonico   Sat Apr 05, 2014 2:21 am

Name: Super Sonico
Class:Mage- Current Category: Bard
Sexual Orientation:Straight
History: An energetic, clumsy, determined busybody; Sonico is an idol, member of a band with her friends, gravure model and college student (majoring in marine biology) with a burning passion for music. Does main guitar and vocals.
Descending from another world entirely, Sonico Arrives in Gallia with memories of everything but her friends. She has a passion for sing and music thus her working as a singing idol , she also works as a model and a waitress. As she arrived in Gallia she seemed to have gained a new ability to transform into a bard. Through she sills in music she can use a harp in bard form or a guitar in normal form to casts spells and send out attacks. She now lives in an apartment building in a very serene area similar to where she use to live. She now takes a job as a waitress in Mel Belle's Cafe ,and plays songs in the park when no one's around. She gets nervous and embarrassed when people watch her preform, so she prefers to practice when no one is around.She does not have any friends yet, but hopes to make some. Because she use to model you will see her wearing various cosplay outfits, some of which her friends might have given her. She seems to have forgotten something but she just can't remember what...

Personality:A girl who is very shy and doesn't talk very much because of how nervous she get's around people she doesn't know. She has a personality similar to Fluttershy. Although around people she knows as well as her friends she seems like a happy,kind, and caring person. She also gets embarrassed very easily which makes her blush at at compliments. She is also very formal and you will always see her bowing or apologizing at the simplest things. She prefers to go along with most things, instead of adding her own input, yet you will never see her do anything bad. You will often find her playing tunes on her guitar, singing , or playing with her 5 cats. Her favorite foods are macaroons and ramen and her favorite things to do is play games, play with cats, and most importantly play guitar.She is also very good at cooking. She also has a catch phrase " Toryaa!", and says desu sometimes too.Traits/Tropes: Cute and Clumsy, Singer Idol, Kindhearted Cat lover, Shrinking Violet,The Cutie, The Heart, Determinator, Rose-Haired girl, Plucky,Sweet Tooth, Triple Shifter

( >///< um..for more information..please look up the character..and i-if you can..also watch her anime : Super Sonico The has 12 episodes...)

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Fletcher Ren


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PostSubject: Re: Super Sonico   Sat Apr 05, 2014 2:58 am



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Super Sonico
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