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 Of Glass Houses and River Stones [Interference/Boss]

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PostSubject: Of Glass Houses and River Stones [Interference/Boss]   Sun Apr 06, 2014 12:14 am

[You will be K.O.'d if they "get you killed", your character will not die but will be unconsious, unless you want Death as a option just say, "I am ready for the slaughter." in your post, this means your character will die from the story, as for K.O. they will leave you be and take someone from your group or people that you are with. Also I will be fair within the coin flip.]

Name: The masked army
Number: 500 [50 killed each post]
Weapons: Guns and Swords
Skills: Skirmish [Can separate from the 50 into 25, kill each post]
Gunshots: Within each group they will shoot hoping to hit you, [This will be flipped by a coin heads for a shot and tails for a miss, by the person who created boss topic.]
Sword Dance: Opponents will go around you if you decide to use melee against them. If 50 are defeated one will slash you on the back or front. [Heads or Tails Flip, Heads for slash, tails for miss by the person who created boss topic. ]
[Once the army is defeated a group of special masked opponents will enter the field.]

Name: Masked Specials
Number: 50 [5 Killed each post]
Weapons: Guns, swords and books
Skills: Can interrupt spells (Not non-verbal though.), restricts deaths to 5 to one post
Perfect aim - When at the last 10 the special masked people will aim and shoot at a limb at a opponent making it limp and unable to use.

Group Skirmish - Will happen at the last 5 people of the masked enabling them to be killed only one by one.

Average Attack: 5 enemies will attack you directly, 3 shooters/2 melee.


[Once the Masked Specials are dead and gone a monster will come and attack you immediately.]

Name: It who lives under the sand.
Number: 1 [10 Health Posts]
Skills: Made of sand, fire: Weakness [2 Health Damage, (fire spell) use only once per post] Who said you can't make glass out of sand?"
Sand Wrap: Grabs the opponents limb and drags them into the sand. [Advantage: Desert]
Sand Suffocation: Grabs opponent and drags him/her into the sandy grave. [Opponent has 3 posts before suffocating (Death/K.O.'d) under the sandy desert.]
Sandstorm: Makes the whole area [Rolaplay topic] into a blinding sandstorm. [Will stop spells that are verbal automatically. (Sand flies into your mouth. lol.)
Sand Rest's: The sand monster will become vunerable and attack the opponent to envelop him/her in its own sand suffocation and absorbing the air from the opponent crushing the weight on them slowly like a snake. [3 posts to escape or else automatic death/KO.]
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Fletcher Ren

Fletcher Ren

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PostSubject: Re: Of Glass Houses and River Stones [Interference/Boss]   Sun Apr 06, 2014 2:00 am

I smiled a the warriors approached. Chaos booster activated as a wave of blue flame radiated from me (blue flame instantaneously incinerates whatever it touches) in about a 50 meter radius (please state how many I kill)
I then withdrew 2 blades from a void. Ready to start an aunslaut.


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Of Glass Houses and River Stones [Interference/Boss]
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