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 Bruce the Slayer

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PostSubject: Bruce the Slayer   Thu Apr 10, 2014 2:47 am

Name: Bruce the Slayer

Race: Vampire

Class: Hunter


Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

History: Bruce was born Vladimir Statan on the island of Shire, just west of Westroos. Born in to a family of wealthy bankers, Bruce got whatever he wanted as a child, so long he sit down and only spoke when spoken too. His parents loved him so but never had any time for him as they were too busy managing their extensive network of banks so to pass the time, he would read tales of adventures; knights in shining armor riding off to battle, defeating dragons, outwitting thieves, and over throwing kings. This all excited him and he told his parents of his plans to follow in these heroes footsteps, but they just laughed him off. Despite this, Bruce would sneak off and practice everything he thought he would need to become the best knight ever. From horse back riding, to sword fighting, spear throwing, even dabbling in the dark arts a bit. He exceled quickly and was never found out (not as if his parents would notice he was gone). At the age of 18, he planned on leaving his home and was going to tell his parents at dinner on the night of his father's "new deal" party. That night as the guests partied away and chatted, drinking and laughing away, Bruce started walking up to his parents to tell them. Before he could reach them though, there was a loud bang as an explosion occurred right at the main entrance. The doors blew off and from the smoke, in walked in a man dressed in all black, wearing a mask, one so terrifying it looked as if the Devil himself made it. The man walked in to the galley and surveyed the room as the guests all inched back against the walls, horrified. His glare stopped on where Bruce's parents were, backed up against the wall. Without a hint of sound or emotion he walked up to them and starred what seemed to be in to their souls. Bruce, out of fear and courage charged at the man, using his families natural gifts to increase his speed 10X compared to a mans. The man, without turning moved his arm up and grabbed Bruce by the throat just as Bruce was about to strike and picked him up. Gasping for air, unable to get free, Bruce could only stare in horror as the man took out a heavily modified crossbow, able to fire stakes and shot his parents dead. He screamed out in agony and grief as the man threw him across the room. Bruce sprang up, furious, horrified, and full of sadness, ready to attack the monster who killed his parents but he was gone. Simply vanished as if he had never been there. Stunned, Bruce walked up to his parents bodies, still and lifeless. He fell on his knees as the guests surrounded them, coming out of their shock and realizing what had happened. Silently, Bruce made a promise, a silent vengeful promise that only he could hear. He would avenge his parents. He would find the man who had killed them and beat him till he begged for mercy. He would rip his mask off and look in to the eyes of the thing that had caused him pain and rip his heart out and feast on it. The next day, he packed up and left, for a journey that would turn out to be a lot longer than he expected and would not turn out as he planned. He changed his name to Bruce, after his favorite knight from the stories and that name would go on to be legend amongst the people of Westroos.

Personality: Aggressive towards wrong doers but a kind man to others. He will always stop anyone in need but never stays in one place for too long. For many he is but a legend.

Family: Parents (Deceased) No other known relatives

Spouse: None
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PostSubject: Re: Bruce the Slayer   Thu Apr 10, 2014 2:49 am



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Bruce the Slayer
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