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 Monochrome's Weapons :3

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Monochrome October

Monochrome October

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PostSubject: Monochrome's Weapons :3   Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:17 pm

Name of Weapon: Heterochromatic Blades
Image/Description: Shaped like the ones in my profile pic, only one is black and one is white.
Effect(s) [Powers of the weapon]: The white blade is intensely cold and the black blade is intensely hot.
Drawback(s): Monochrome cannot even touch her weapons without specially crafted gloves, or else they will freeze/burn her hands.
Type: Mainly offensive, can block, but not well.
Class of Weapon: A


Name of Weapon: Sinister Needles
Effect(s): Can be clicked together to create a javelin. Increases speed and dexterity slightly. Poisoned, one blade causes confusion (three posts); the other causes temporary paralysis (one post).
Drawback(s): Can only pierce (has no cutting edge, much like a needle). The poison can only be used once per blade per thread, unless stated that they are re-coated with the poison (Because the poison comes off the blades when they stab in).
Type: Offensive.
Class of Weapon: B


Name of Weapon: Chains Of The Abyss (No... totally not a reference... >.>)
Image/Description: Thick magickal chains with spikes on the tips. (Spikes similar to a kunai).
Effect(s): Can come from the ground, have infinite length and can be dematerialized at will.
Drawback(s): Can only have a max of three materialized at a time. The chains move in fairly linear paths, and when curved, will curve slowly. If curving one (Direct control instead of linear) there can only be the one materialized, sacrificing quantity for control.
Type: Generally defensive, due to easily guessed paths.
Class of Weapon: B


Name of Weapon: Frickin' Spinny Handheld Scythes! Very Happy(Two, one in each hand.)
Effect(s) [Powers of the weapon]: When using these weapons, Monochrome's speed, dexterity and aerodynamic-ness are vastly increased. When thrown, the scythes act as boomerangs.
Drawback(s) [things that may damage or after effects]: The scythes are low range, and fairly small compared to the Heterochromatic Blades.
Type: Offensive. All defense depends on dodging.
Class of Weapon: B


Name of Weapon: Magick Sniper Rifle (I'm running out of ideas here, ok?! Getting real creative! XD)
Effect(s) : Scope sees through one layer/wall, and the sniper rifle shoots through one layer/wall.
Drawback(s): The muzzle flash is unusually bright. Must be reloaded after each shot.
Type: Offensive
Class of Weapon: B


Name of Weapon: White Rabbit
Effect(s): White Rabbit is a small stuffed animal Monochrome keeps on herself pretty much all the time. It is usually hidden in her sleeve or shirt. It effectively increases her attack power for both melee and magick.
Drawback(s): The effect ends if the stuffed animal is ripped or not extremely close to Monochrome.
Type: Supplementary
Class of Weapon: B


Name of Weapon: Bloodied Rabbit
Effect(s): White Rabbit changes form and grows into a fully grown, sentient being. All boosts increase and magical effects on Monochrome weaken (not disappear, just weaken). Heterochromatic Blades, even if previously destroyed, are returned to full usage.
Drawback(s): In this 'mode' of sorts, only Heterochromatic Blades may be used. Bloodied Rabbit may only be used once in a life-or-death situation. Bloodied Rabbit can dodge attacks, and even do small attacks using Monochrome's Chains of the Abyss, but can be killed, in which case the boosts are removed.
Type: A little of all, mainly Supplementary, though.
Class of Weapon: C
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Monochrome's Weapons :3
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