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 Lala Devilukes Abilities

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Lala Deviluke

Lala Deviluke

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PostSubject: Lala Devilukes Abilities   Mon May 12, 2014 4:57 pm


Name of Spell(s):Devilukean Tail
Effect(s):She can fire laser beams from the tip of her tail.
Passive or Active or Continuous:Passive and Continuous
Verbal or Non-Verbal:Non-verbal
Weakness/Cost:However, her tail is both her weapon and her weakness, for it is very sensitive. When someone touches Lala's tail, she becomes weak and seems to lose her strength (and perhaps has an erotic feeling), though she can shake anyone off of her tail by mustering enough strength.

Name of Spell(s):Sonic Scream
Effect(s):Even her own voice has power. For example when Japan was going to be hit with a very large typhoon, Lala went to the typhoon and screamed at it out of frustration for it ruining her plans with Rito. The result was a strange formation of pure energy, which could even be seen from space. This blew the typhoon away from Japan.
Passive or Active or Continuous:Passive
Verbal or Non-Verbal:Verbal
Weakness/Cost: She can lose her voice if she overuses it?

Passive Abilities

Devilukean Super Strength: Her physical strength (without any inventions or powers) is pure brute force to the point where one punch can cause a shockwave and create a small crater on a wall without making physical contact to it.

Devilukean Super Speed: Lala has also shown to be able to run incredibly fast, such being able to run 100 meters in 10.9 seconds.

Devilukean Durability: She has also shown to withstand heavy attacks and have great resilience even with her own tongue, like when she ate one of Run's really spicy sandwiches and it didn't even phase her.

Hand-To-Hand Combat: Although Lala has never been trained for combat, her advanced physical capabilities help her stand her own even against someone like Yami.

Superior Intelligence: Despite her childish personality, Lala's intellect is perhaps one of her most notable ability, due to constantly creating extraordinary inventions and redesigning other material objects. Lala has been considered a genius since she was a child, even being able to disassemble war ships.

Swordsmanship: In Darkness chapter 43 Lala has shown to be quite skilled with a sword as she is able to to counter Yami's attacks until her sword brakes.
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PostSubject: Re: Lala Devilukes Abilities   Mon May 12, 2014 5:00 pm

Approval prevented. Please make drawbacks for your abilities, and use the template.
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Lala Devilukes Abilities
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