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 Riotier's Magic

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PostSubject: Riotier's Magic   Wed Jan 22, 2014 8:28 pm

Name: Red Siphon
Type: Blood
Effect: causes all spilled blood that's not my own to be drawn to me and is absorbed through my skin to cause instant power transfer of the target(s) however do to the rushed nature of the taking last for a short time 4-7 posts depending on the total number of different individuals absorbed however to use this ability i must be heavily injured
Active Spell
Cost: must have a large life threatining wound to use
Non-verbal Skin glows red as the blood is pulled in and then absorbed

Name: Shadow Stride
Type: Evasion/Stealth
Effect: Allows for the travel through shadows but can't be used in a place where there are none like when its pitch-black and can only be used to travel through a living persons shadow if a sample of there blood is in my possession Range is anywhere within site of the initial transport site must also be standing in a shadow thats large enough for the shoulders to fit in
Active Spell
Weakness: if the shadow i am going into/out of is disapated causes minor to severe internal injury depending on how much of my body was in the shadow
Non-verbal Must be standing in a large enough shadow and concentrate for 2-5 seconds depending on how fast the heart rate is

Name: Sound Breaker
Effect: Causes a large {15 meters} {50 feet} sphere to spawn and while inside you cannot hear anything however you may still speak for those outside it may still hear you i am the only one unaffected by the spheres effects no exceptions Lasts 8 posts unless dispelled or i become incapacitated needs 3 posts to charge
Cost: Must give up one of my senses other than hearing to use
Active spell
Verbal: Must say "Silence" after charging the required energy

Name: Transposition
Type: Illusion
Effect: I can superimpose someones likeness and voice on multiple targets even myself to confuse enemies though within reason i wont be able to impose my/others image/voice on something that isnt a reasonable size/target lasts until dispelled or 3-5 posts depending on the number of targets
Weakness: doesnt affect the mind everyone still knows who they are
Active spell
Non-Verbal Hands get coated in a black magic and then the casting is done takes 2-4 posts to charge depending on number of targets

Name: Neural Overload
Effect: Causes the targets nerve endings to become 50 times more sensitive causeing even the rub of fabrics to become unbearable lasts 4 posts
Weakness: i cant move to far from the target to be effective
Active spell
Non-verbal i have to touch the skin of the target to begin the spell but i can move up to 25 feet away before it stops working

Name: Soul Drop
Type: soul/physical
Effect: I suppress most of my consciousness to greatly enhance my physical body speed and strength get a 7 times boost each lasts 4-7 posts depending on injuries
Cost/Weakness: after the spell wears off im totally drained for 7 posts. while i am stronger and faster logic gets tossed aside so a strategic attack may beat me if you keep up with the increased power i cant use other spells while in this state
Active spell
Non-verbal: i focus myself for 3 posts in order to release my primal instincts
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Fletcher Ren


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PostSubject: Re: Riotier's Magic   Wed Jan 22, 2014 8:35 pm


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Axium Ziakri

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PostSubject: Re: Riotier's Magic   Wed Jan 22, 2014 11:09 pm

^ agreed
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PostSubject: Re: Riotier's Magic   

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Riotier's Magic
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