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 A brief description of Arcacia, the Undercity.

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PostSubject: A brief description of Arcacia, the Undercity.   Sun Jan 26, 2014 2:25 pm

While The Caesium nation is one of the smallest in terms of size, it certainly makes use of its size and resources. The main cty of the whole of the Caesiums grounds is Arcacia, the Undercity. Arcacia is without a doubt the most buzzing city out of all the great cities of the world. This is due to a number of famous hallmarks  which include:

1. Architecture: The architecture of Arcacia is based of a mix of Spanish baroque architecture and Roman classical architecture. Most buildings in Arcacia are grand and imposing with luxurious palm trees and displays of beautiful waterworks such as canals and small pools. Due to the number of gold, silver and jewelry mines underneath Arcacia, the denizens of this magnificent, utopian city live in extreme wealth and enjoy a number of pleasures such as the world renown cuisine and activities that range from shopping to the famous Carreras Bull racing tournament.

2. The People: While the people of Arcacia are extremely wealthy, they are also incredibly generous and compassionate. The people of Caaesia, and by expansion Arcacia, are considered very attractive, but the women in particular are considered goddesses. This isn't always a good thing though as the women of Arcacia are prone to jealousy, thus a number of crimes of passion occur due to the infidelity of their husbands. It is not uncommon to hear that a woman of Arcacia has married more than ten times while still relatively young. Nevertheless, the people are festive and enjoy music, especially music that uses the Spanish guitar and other typical Hispanic instruments. Another curious thing of Arcacia is that the women of Arcacia have been known to be able to seduce any man with their typical flamenco dances. In general, they are a romantic type of people and can be quite passionate.

3. Cuisine: The food of Arcacia is perhaps the third most famous attraction of Arcacia right after the people and the architecture. They have expertly combined seafood with rice and pastas to create scrumptious dishes such as the Seafood Paella, the Pink Squid Pasta and the Pumpkin Gazpacho. Portions of the food in Arcacia are relatively small, so people eat around seven to ten dishes during a single meal. Table manners are looked upon highly. While the food is great and delicious, thanks to Arcacia's advanced technology, people don't gain weight easily. They enjoy drinking wine of the best quality and usually eat marzipan, torejas or cake for dessert. For breakfasts they mostly enjoy a slice of lightly toasted bread with slices of specially cured and aged ham with manchego cheese. Dinners last for hours and have breaks in between meals for leisure activities.

4. Gardens of the Citadel: The Citadel is the single most impressive building in all of the Caesium nation and belongs to the Progenitor, or the king of the Caesiums. Still, the majestic and breathtaking gardens of the Citadel are one of the most impressive displays of Arcacia and are open to the general public at any hour. The Garden complex cover around some 1500 hectares of land and are filled with roses, bonnets and pretty much any flower that can pop to mind. In Addition, musicians play either tango or salsa music inside the twenty different plazas of the gardens. Inside the gardens, a total of ten huge fountains dot the gardens. The heart of the garden is the Jardin de Rosas, the largest collection of red roses in the world. It is said that their is no place as romantic as the Jardin de Rosas and is a popular spot for engagements and weddings.

5. Technology: Arcacia, being the capitol of the nation of the Caesiums, boasts a highly sophisticated and destructive level of weaponry. The armors are made out of light yet almost impossible to pierce metals and the swords usually rob away a portion of the enemy's magic. During invasions, the skyscrapers and buildings of Arcacia can transform into the Cero Fleet, the most powerful airship fleet of the Caesiums and a fleet of airships capable of destroying any other city of the world due to their nuclear energy guns and radioactive plasma bombs. Guns are illegal inside the city as declared by Dracel himself around some 3000 years ago, but they are used during times of war and conflict. The buildings can store anti-airship guns and turrets that can launch terrible bullets of energy that pulverize almost any threat with one blast. Weapons aside, the people enjoy very good health services including regeneration of limbs and organs, cancer removing beds, illness detection machines and applauded surgical skills. Cybernetic drones are usually seen walking down the streets of Arcacia and serve as either butlers or mates capable of sexual reproduction.

6. Entertainment: Arcacia is a city of entertainment, thus almost every square of the city offers a form of leisure. The Shopping District of Arcacia offers the couture dresses for women and elegant suits for men. Fashion in Arcacia is very sought after. One can enjoy the various plays and movies that the city offers by walking down the Acting District located just left of the Financial District of Arcacia. The Gambling District in particular is large and famous. Games such as roulettes and blackjack are played and the poker tables are always a hit. The slots have gained a notorious reputation, but otherwise provided joy to the people. Circuses are also seen around the Palace District and due to the love of violence of the people of Arcacia, the Coliseums District is usually the most active district of the city. The coliseum  offers the multiple battles and sparring sessions between the people of Arcacia and also is where the Carreras Bull race Tournament is held.

( work in progress)
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A brief description of Arcacia, the Undercity.
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