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 Kaminato Yarashi, Vanoran, Hero, legend.

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PostSubject: Kaminato Yarashi, Vanoran, Hero, legend.   Sun Jan 26, 2014 8:14 pm

Name: Yarashi Kaminato
Yarashi's blond hair is a dirty mess, hair going evry direction, his skin is faded white, the hood of his black damige cuting cloak is hanging at the back, and the cloak itself goes right down to Yarashi's feet, and he has white cleets for shoes. Under Yarashi's cloak is a white tux and white undershirt, he hade white jeans to go with his white tux.
Yarashi is muscular, yet skinny at the same time. and often caries a black worn-out backpack on his back to hold his items. The white belt of his tux is lined with throwing knives. And his backpack has a slit set on it to carry his Legend Blade.
Race: demon/angel hybrid.
Class: The Hope
Age: 58 (never grows past that age physically. Real age unknown.)
Gender: male
Orientation: Straight.
History: , Yarashi was treated as some kind of outcast, he had no friends whatsoever. He took up kung-fu to try to fit in, but the other kids still thought of him as some kind of loser. Yarashi's heart grew cold, and eventualy he decided tofight back against those who made fun of, or ignored him! ... yet this made no difrence. This continued for a few years till he turned 17, on that day, he was being chaced by some knights for stealing a dark pain-cuting cloak when he ended up runing into a grave yard, looking around for a place to hide, he found something eaven better, there was a sword of dark aura wedged into a stone table. Engraved on the stone table where thease words: "he who is able to remove the sword will release a great power, but if thou have an impure heart, he shall be cursed". Yarashi didnt care what kind of cure he was risking, he just wanted to stop those knights, so, he took a good grip around the sword's handle ... and pulled as hard as he could. The knights closed in on him just as he removed the sword, then, a shadowy figure of a snake rose from where the sword was once placed, and that snake rushed right into Yarashi's chest, seeming to fuse with him. At that momet, a black symbol of 3 tangles snakes apeared on Yarashi's chest. He used the sword to cut a slit in the back of his cloak to hold it, shoved it in there, and suddenly started hearing voices in his head, "raise your hand and call out thease wrds boy! exactly as instructed ...", Yarashi raised his left hand into the air and yelled "Shock-Rush: Piflar!". Just then, a charge of black lightning started flowing out of Yarashi's hand, he then rushed at the knights and struck them right in the chest with that hand, after striking one, the lightining seemed to jump to the next, it wasnt verry powerfull, but when the knights where destracted, Yarashi had the chance to get away. Since then, Yarashi had gained controll of the daemon snake and it's powers. Deciding to use this new power for justice, and now needing his destructive past to stay a secret, Yarashi joined the Vandorins, a detective agency that does quite well at their job. Yarashi trained hard in combat, aswell as in being a Vandorin assistant, all the way up to this moment, when he had been promoted to a Vandorin detective. After getting that rank, Yarashi destroyed the dark sword and took the full power of the deamon snake into his body.

After that day, Yarashi learned many new emotions and made many new friends. He retrieved the pieces of his broken sword with the help of his partner Joey. Yarashi worked his way up the Vandoran ranks even further to achieve the rank of founder. He now leads the Vandoran organization with a powerful mind. The demon council had recognized his legendary power and had offered him milaterry benefits in return for aid in war. Yarashi refused their offer, but he knew that he would have to fight alongside the nobles eventualy, since the air seemed to thin in the ever growing predictions of the first Great War. Yarashi, Joey, and their love interests, would prepaid for the worst as they unmasked Joey's latest creation, The Dragoon X400, a giant mechanical knight that the 4 of them would controller together.

The team might have lost the lightning machine in the first half of the great war, and the girls might have died shortly afterwards, but that wouldn't stop Yarashi as long as he had a dream of peace between all races. After the death of his beloved, Yarashi's heart had once more fallen for the darkness, however, and he forgot about Dutch a dream entering his mind. Joey had reminded him of the light and of his dreams by protecting Yarashi against the leader of the opposing side, Zaderon, Lord of dragons, And it was Yarashi who struck the war ending blow. For a time after that, the land seemed to be at peace. The dragons became an extinct race, and there was no longer a fear of chaos. Even Yarashi knew however, that this was not the end. He needed to create a new kind of energy in order to destroy the ever dormant terror in the land that could spring up at any moment, so he began his research.

Utilizing the strange energy in the other dimension, the deadrealm, Yarashi made new descoveries of being able to harness the energy of the realm with more than just Kenju-Rei. One's own mind was able to link with the world to use it's great energy, but it came with a risk of leaving ones physical body in this dimension. After the second Great War had started against a rebellion of the secondary demon party, Yarashi had realized this fact. Absorbing the angelic energies from the deadrealm itself, Yarashi's physical, sleeping body was obliterated, thus trapping him in the deadrealm until a second rout out could be found.  It was hard to find said path. Yarashi would train in the dream realm day in and day out until he was able to find the key to this incredible stellar prison. Years passed, and he was able to create a small link to the real world to bring someone in to the dream realm for a time. He had also been able to figure out how to preform a reverse transfer from the dream realm into the real world that would require the simultaneous activation of Ace-Mode between people of each world, at the cost of completely absorbing the dream world within the host's body on activation.

Yarashi knew that it would take an advanced level of Ace-Mode to take in the whole dream realm on the jump, so he called the person with the closest link to him there was: Tasuno Hasugemei, and he had transferred Tasuno to the dream realm. After helping Tasuno acquire Ace-Mode, Yarashi transferred some of his Ki into Tasuno so that the two could see what was going on around eachother between the two worlds. When the day came that Tasuno was pushed to the break of death and pulled out the Ace-Mode, Yarashi activated his at the same moment, and the link between them opened a magnagate just the same as the one that would be created to enter the Dream Realm. Yarashi found his way home and helped Tasuno destroy his enemy just in the nick of time with a Combination Hurricane Sphere attack, obliterating the aria around them. Tasuno had ran away in his disgrace driven from the abuse of his Ace-Mode, and Yarashi regretted having to put him under so much stress. This horrid memory, along with those of his past, would haunt his life on the real world for good.

Personality: Yarashi is a clever and kind man who can be quite strict sometimes. He is in many cases, a brave daredevil. Yarashi goes by his morals and never gives up. Family: His only known relative still living is Tasuno.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse/Mate: Had married a human named Roxanne Hasugemei, who is now dead due to a certain attacker while Yarashi was away. Now single.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaminato Yarashi, Vanoran, Hero, legend.   Mon Jan 27, 2014 12:52 am



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Kaminato Yarashi, Vanoran, Hero, legend.
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