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 Chase' Spells

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Chase, ZaRein

Chase, ZaRein

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PostSubject: Chase' Spells   Thu Jan 30, 2014 10:01 pm

Name of Spell(s): Rain
Type: Water
Effect(s): Makes it rain; Chase can see everything that get's touched by the raindrops and can cover up his trail like this. Properties of this water is just like any other.
Passive or Active or Continuous: Active~Continuous
Verbal or Non-Verbal:Non-verbal
Weakness/Cost He needs water for all his attacks

Name of Spell(s):Water Slice
Type:Water ~Swordsmanship
Effect(s): Chase slices with both hands in a full swing shooting rain and it's force towards the direction he swung as form of his own physical strength and Rain control.
Passive or Active or Continuous: Active
Verbal or Non-Verbal: Nonverbal
Weakness/Cost Needs a full swinging motion and rain

Name of Spell(s):Carrera
Type: Blood Magic
Effect(s): Increases Base Strength and Speed beyond physical limitations
Passive or Active or Continuous: Active
Verbal or Non-Verbal: Nonverbal

Name of Spell(s):Aqua Veil
Effect(s): Provides a shield of water to defend him
Passive or Active or Continuous:
Verbal or Non-Verbal: Say the name, verbal
Weakness/Cost Needs Water

Name of Spell(s): Water Rise
Effect(s): Water prison emerges and entraps people inside the perimeter of the rain as it builds up and diminishes all movement speed. (makes people rely on swimming) Surpresses fire spells from activating underneath once fully submerged.
Passive or Active or Continuous: Active
Verbal or Non-Verbal: Verbal, Say name
Weakness/Cost Takes several posts to function. It builds during the whole fight

Name of Spell(s): Glimpse of Water
Type: Water
Effect(s): Once heavily soaked the rain close beside someones eyes begin to create illusions or great blurs of their visions which constantly must be wiped away.
Passive or Active or Continuous: Passive
Verbal or Non-Verbal:Non-verbal
Weakness/Cost Needs enemy to be soaked

Name of Spell(s):Water Shift ~Control
Effect(s): Chase,once soaked; can shoot out a full water replica of himself to act as him.
Passive or Active or Continuous: Active
Verbal or Non-Verbal:Non-verbal
Weakness/Cost Needs to wait for the rain to fully soak him each time.

Name of Spell(s):Water Faded
Type:Water ~Swordskill
Effect(s): Swings in a 3-hit flurry and disguises the blade under heavy rain. Each hit spraying out water soaking the enemy further if blocked.
Passive or Active or Continuous: Active
Verbal or Non-Verbal: Non-verbal
Weakness/Cost Needs to be raining, heavily and the target must be soaked to lose sight and confused by the blades peculiar motion
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PostSubject: Re: Chase' Spells   Fri Jan 31, 2014 12:43 am

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Chase' Spells
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