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 My True Feelings [MUST SEE]

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PostSubject: My True Feelings [MUST SEE]   Tue Mar 18, 2014 1:22 am

To those of you who have been greatly affected by the sudden debut of death within the world of Gallia (especially due to my character), I am very sorry. However, do not refuse it. I made him have this role specifically to test how this storyline would react to an insane antagonist- the worst of them all. It seems others decided to join the trend, which I can understand, and will have to deal with. However, as I made this character, I specially had him possess time magic so he could eventually vanish in a time too far for anyone to encounter. Despite all of this, I now bring you the main part of this topic. Echo will be declaring war upon all nations, and trying his best to annihilate all that don't satisfy him. This is the greatest time for you to test your RPing skills, obviously, because he will find you in due time. After he is done with this, I will retire his involvement in this game by having him create a time paradox to where he can forever be alone and full of what he wants, as he desires. Who knows where I'll be after this.

Now onto my reasons why I'm doing this. Truthfully, and since I can legally do this on a member channel, I find myself despising the member base. I'm sorry, but some members here often tend to pull triggers that sane men and women would not want to pull, themselves. This angers me, deeply. Why would you want to do such a thing? Most of us here are close to, or above the official debut of adulthood (18). However, it is quite clear that some of you don't have the proper maturity level to suit your age, and so you affect the maturity levels of others, as well. Honestly, I still have regrets of joining sites that this one derived from, but as there were very few kind of people lying around, I couldn't help but stick around and accompany them- put a smile on their face, you know? However, guess what? Thanks to some pull triggers, I've even angered those people.

Secondly, some have a mindset to just not listen. Whether I politely give advice, ask someone gently to stop what they're doing, or in a lawful manner, tell someone that they have my support; they remain ignorant. While I try to benefit some people, the same persons sometimes choose to make me look bad? How rude. No, I'm not gonna mention names, but honestly, some of you need to recognize your mistakes, and renew yourselves, for your current self is too much for this site. This sounds highly prejudice, but in this case, I must address it.

More than likely, I may be one of those people who say they'll only be gone temporarily, but will never come back due to these harsh memories constantly returning to them. As you may know, Gallia's member base is linked to many other fantasy RPs. I have had some kind of involvement in all of these sites, only to have the same impressions as I listed above. Like I said, I could've easily declined getting a membership from Day One, but very few of you are just too pleasing to let go.

With this being said, as soon as Echo's role is complete, I will continue on with my new character, Kiba Yuuto. He will not engage in battle nearly as much as Echo, nor will he kill to satisfy. Instead, he will act to become friends with whoever is deserving of his kind heart, and grant them his ways of having fun.

This seems like a very hateful message now, and indeed it is, but it must be told. No longer will I just vanish from sites, but rather tell you the truth. I cannot believe how inappropriately I have changed, and how penetration I have felt in my heart, mind and soul- all due to the actions made to the chain of sites that lead to Gallia- currently the best one of them all.

This is all I have to say. Hopefully I will never have to vent my feelings in such a way ever again. On the contrary, I just want you all to know that I am utterly disgusted, and will probably not tolerate this place as a true site, but rather an area where I'll just do "This, then that, then leave." This is not a message I will apologize for, or hold any regrets towards.
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PostSubject: Re: My True Feelings [MUST SEE]   Tue Mar 18, 2014 10:50 am

It's hard to be a Grammar Nazi on a post that is filled with so much heart. XD


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My True Feelings [MUST SEE]
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