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 Dracel's Character sheet

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PostSubject: Dracel's Character sheet   Fri Jan 17, 2014 8:13 pm

Name: Dracel Regis Noctris


Race: Hybrid ( Vampire and angel hybrid)

Class:  Elder Vampire/archangel.

Age: Stopped aging after reaching his twenties. Older than recorded history.

Sexual Orientation: Straight, but can charm men if needed.

History: Dracel is a product of the first alliance between vampires and archangels. He wasn't the first hybrid, but he was the strongest one, seeing as his father was the eldest vampire and his mother was a member of the archangels. The children of vampires and angels died quickly however, most likely due to the clash of genes during the creation of the baby. Dracel nonetheless, proved to be exactly what the alliance desired. He became the first vampire to walk during the day and given his angelic magic he was able to blast his enemies with spells of heavenly might. Yet, their was a side effect, in order to maintain his health, he required a large amount of blood from whatever race he could find. He did however retained from devouring both angels and vampires, well that is until the first tragedy of his life occurred. During one of the alliance's great military campaigns, his best friend and lover, Alicia, was mortally wounded.  He desperately tried to heal her, but alas even with all his power Dracel could not stop death. Still, their was hope for her. Pureblood, the blood of the vampires, has the capacity to heal almost anything, at the expense of becoming a vampire. However, she already was an angel and if vampire blood was infused directly into her she would become the second Vampire/angel hybrid, and because Dracel proved to be too powerful to control, the vampires refused to heal her. The last thing he remembered from her was her final confession of love. Right afterwards, she died. No word could describe his anger. In retaliation for her death, he begun to eat vampires starting with those who denied Alicia their blood. He nearly eradicated the whole vampire race. The leaders of the alliance ordered his father, the oldest vampire of his time, and his archangel mother, to stop their son. The three battled with hearts sunk and tears flowing. In the end, he killed both his parents. The losses of his life cost him his love for both races. He decided to attack the alliance's central base and destroyed it completely. Yet, after feasting on his enemies, he could not feel any joy. He lost the one he loved and he lost his parents. Dracel decided to create his own race, composed of the children of pure races. He established a safe haven for these so-called mistakes and accepted them as his own children. As a result, their doesn't exist any vampire/angel hybrid that wasn't fathered by him.

Personality: Ruthless, short-tempered and loud. Dracel is extremely passionate and is prone to making decisions based on his temper. He is however a leader without a rival and can make strong willed individuals follow his orders without lifting a finger. He enjoys showcasing his great wealth, but is one of the most sympathetic beings. He has an incredibly deep hatred for angels and vampires and has lead his armies against both races more than once. Due to his almost godly power, he can come be a bit arrogant from time to time. He loves three things, his people and followers, women to bed ( especially the feisty ones) and a good cup of either blood or wine.

Family: Progenitor of the vampire/angel hybrids. He does think of all the other hybrids as his children and they in return look up to him like a father.

Boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/mate: Formerly Alicia, yet currently hasn't settled down.

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PostSubject: Re: Dracel's Character sheet   Fri Jan 17, 2014 8:37 pm

(but the picture link is broken Soo fix that up)
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PostSubject: Re: Dracel's Character sheet   Fri Jan 17, 2014 9:30 pm

To post images just get the image link and do this..

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PostSubject: Re: Dracel's Character sheet   

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Dracel's Character sheet
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