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 Zyxeir Emeric

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PostSubject: Zyxeir Emeric   Fri Feb 07, 2014 4:21 am

Name: Zyxeir Emeric


Zyxeir is beauty drowning in darkness. The soft features of his body in contrast to the darkness that swallows him. His body is angelic, with delicate features that smooth onto the muscle of his body sculpted by a life of combat. His eyes are a piercing blue, glowing bright with the origin of frost and glacial attribute, highlighted by the jet dark of his hair. Zyxeir is covered in black, a coat over his body to hide the tight fitting garbs to maximize dexterity, held form by an arrow of chains, belts, and buckles all the way up to his collar.

Race: Human

Class: ??? (Nothing detailed in Race Description)

Age: Appearance of twenty-one

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

History: Zyxeir Emeric stands without a bearing of humanity or particular embrace. Both of him. Zyx is cold, stoic, and commanding. Since birth, his eyes have been piercing and open, never missing the world turn within the currents of darkness and control. He was born within the night, the only glimmer to be the magnified moon that peered down onto Zyxeir's forehead, and he was borne anew. Zyxeir is a soul covered in twilight. His stomach shows no signs of natural birth, born with minds that have lived through the world several times. From an infant to the men he is now, his mind is that of incredible foresight. He had lived alone, traveling the world and gazing at the waves of sorrow and pools of averse souls. He has been there, from the beginning of every chaos and evil, watching. Staring. Gazing through the covers of commodity.

Xeir was born in light, and lived in darkness. Only when the air was filled with blood and Zyx was falling into shadows or peering into light, did Xeir emerge. He would take control of the body, and the first thing he would do... Was smile. He was always watching, gaining strength and power until Zyx covered his world with a patch of leather, his ears being the only path to the world outside. Since birth, he would, watch. From life, he would listen... And listen... And listen. And then, he would smile.

Personality: Zyx is cold, heartless and hateful. He is calculating and incredibly intelligent with a mind capable of turning any complexity into simplicity. He is a man to prove his words, and understand the capabilities of himself. He himself has no emotions, no passion or love. Zyx cannot feel, so his mind compensates with an unparalleled intellect.

Xeir can only feel base emotions, as he has thrown away all others. Joy, fury, which transcend into something higher, and then into pseudo-madness. He is powerful. Many times stronger than Zyx, and holds his passion in high regard. The sickly colour, so beautiful and slender within a variety of beauty. To kill, slaughter. To drain the blood from warm corpses and to rip apart the living into ribbons of flesh and bone, slithering in blood. Xeir's passion has transcended love, and even hatred to become obsession.

Family: N/A

Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse/Mate: N/A
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Axium Ziakri

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PostSubject: Re: Zyxeir Emeric   Fri Feb 07, 2014 1:22 pm

Approved ^^

~Cause we lost it all. Nothing lasts forever. I'm sorry I can't be perfect. Now it's just too late, and we can't go back. I'm sorry I can't be perfect.~
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Zyxeir Emeric
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